To me, a native southern Cal girl, there is nothing better than hitting the beach and checking out the surfing. And to me Malibu feels like complete home, peace, and serene beauty. I got a chance to get out the other day and just take some shots for the fun of it.  These images to me, are what I see when I think of home, when I think of So-Cal.
© KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_girls surfing_DSC_37300346-girls-watermarked © KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_DSC_39410397-watermarked © KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_DSC_39310321-watermarked
As an artist myself, I love to check out some cool surfboard designs. This was a girl’s longboard.
There were a lot of great surfers out there.  This one in the next shot was particularly good.  Then he came in, stood right near me and and surveyed the next set.  
© KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_DSC_39510319-watermarked
It wasn’t until I saw this next shot in my viewfinder I realized how how young this KID was! That’s his mom he’s standing next too. (And she was quite a bit shorter than me!)
DSC_39170395bw-watermarked© KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_ © KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_DSC_37610352-watermarked © KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_DSC_36410292fade-watermarked © KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_DSC_36430293fade-watermarked © KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_DSC_36490296ant-watermarked © KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_DSC_37480345-watermarked

Picture-1This last one made me see, the girls definitely ruled the waves that day. That’s awesome!  Then this morning as I was walking to the elevator, my neighbor and I talked a little surfing. He said he just had to show me this book he had.  This is it.  And I have to say, it’s really cute.