I keep hearing about Punk. As a kid of the 80’s, I love punk. I can’t remember how many times I was “punked out” for Halloween. I guess that really isn’t a character, but for me, it was my one opportunity to go all out, change my normally preppy cute attire into ripped leggings, unmatched shoes, safety-pinned, faux-leather, and my long untouched locks into stripes of various bright hues. I still love it! You’ve probably seen the latest MAC Cosmetics campaign, Punk Couture. And last night, the Met had their annual Met Gala, themed Punk Chaos to Couture. So I have to show you a recent shoot with TJ, which I themed futuristic punk, channeling something between Bladerunner/80’s punk and the new Sci-Fi “Defiance.”

© KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_2013_fashion_KBJ-_3041 © KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_2013_fashion_KBJ-_3042HG © KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_2013_fashion_KBJ-_3044HG © KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_2013_fashion_KBJ-_3058 © KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_2013_fashion_KBJ-_3073HG © KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_2013_fashion_KBJ-_3081 © KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_2013_fashion_KBJ-_3033 © KRISTINA BANT JENKINS_2013_fashion_KBJ-_3112HG

Make-Up: Noelle Martinez Sukow;  Styling: Kristina
Canon 5D MII  ISO 200  f/4.5
Bodysuit: Felina, Leggings: ASOS, Strappy Heels: Report, Fur Vest, Boa & Eye Mask: my own creation
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