So, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen we’ve been in Denmark for the summer. It’s where we are from, it’s where our family is, and where our heart is. I also have a passion for architecture, I studied at USC, and love photographing all of it, from the old to the modern. We’ve been back about a week, and Charlie started school today, so I’m finally taking photos off my camera and checking everything out! Here are a few I found tonight…


Søerne | The Lakes, in the center of Copenhagen, filled with swans, swan paddle boats, lined with cafes and benches and running and bike paths.


Kastaniegården i Rørvig | My aunt and uncle’s new farm house in northern Sjælland, in an old and picturesque town, Rørvig; complete with happy Wilma waiting for a run outside!


A new Arne Jacobsen stool, and the houses on the street in Rørvig.


Kødbyen, or the Meatpacking District, in Vesterbro.


Kastaniegården i Rørvig


Kødbyen, or the Meatpacking District, in Vesterbro, is one of Copenhagen’s most popular places to go out filled with old architecture and Michelin-rated restaurants… and a street named “Slaughterhouse Way!”


The Frøsilo, a radical waterfront conversion of silos located in the old harbour area of Copenhagen. Within the structural limitations of the silos lies the ingenious solution of the intervention. With the possibilities for openings in the concrete rings restricted and complicated, and the desire to retain the exciting spatial qualities within, the apartment floors are hung on the outside of the silos. This creates two enormous atria, while allowing each room to benifit from maximum views.


The Harbour area of Copenhagen takes full advantage of the waterfront with its modern apartment complexes. Danes do not take this for granted, stopping their bikes to enjoy a conversation or a coffee with the feet dangling in the water, or taking a boat ride in the nice weather, or better yet, jumping in a kayak or stand-up paddleboard during a lunchbreak.


The Frøsilo and the bike bridge leading over the harbor to it.


Nørrebro is filled with ethnic markets and cafes always lined with a mass of parked bicycles.


Uh… I think that’s my mother taking an afternoon nap in the garden! 😉