Just about one of our favorite parts of Denmark is bicycling around. If you’re a Dane, you would never just take your car when you can easily bike somewhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman in a beautiful skirt suit on your way to a meeting, if you have a coffee in hand, if it’s really warm and humid, if it’s pouring rain or snow and wind, you bike! It really is the easiest way, there are bike-super-highways, and plenty of bike parking, and you often can arrive quicker than if you drove. Our favorite bike in the world, is the Christiania bike! It’s an old fashioned bike, or actually a backwards tricycle, with a wooden box in front between the wheels. The box is really simply, a wooden box, for your cargo, or your precious cargo. It is insanely popular in Denmark, for parents toting kids to school, your dogs to the park, your groceries and shopping home from the market! Charlie loves it! To the point where he sees one on the street and try to hop in, hoping it was his! Why can’t we first of all, use more bikes here in LA?? And why can’t we start using the Christiania bike?! OH bike, we miss you!


You get to really see the city, and maybe some art, on a bike!


A typical Danish carpool… 2 parents, 5 kids, 4 bikes, 1 in the box!


The Christiania bike is super practical when you want to pick out your snack for the ride… a Danish drive-through, maybe?!


A typical kindergarten pick up has a ton of Christiania bikes, some more um, home-made, complete with car-seat!


Another type of Christiania bike.


A pretty cool, sleeker, Triobike Boxter.


On the new bike bridge from Nyhavn, that just opened in August. Did I mention the leg-muscles you will get?!


Just pull up and park… and bundle up!


There are seat belts in some of these old wooden boxes!


Do we maybe prefer my uncle’s road racing bike? Ummm, maybe, but where do we put the shopping bags?!


And sometimes you can run in to Mormor going for a walk!


Now that’s a cool modernized version in the TrioBike Mono!


Sunday in the park with…


Waiting for departure, in a sea of bikes.


You may see some tourist sites on a bike, if you can stand the crowd and noise!


This is one way to sell your old Christiania bike… hang it off the back of your boat!


A mass of bike parking at Nørreport Metro Station.


… maybe rethinking the speed and stealth of that road bike?!


Put on some tunes, attach your iphone to the handlbars for GPS, and you’re off! (In a dress, or course!)


Everyone takes the bike to the beach!


King of the park!


Another Copenhagen Drive-through!


I have to also mention, it’s really great for toting my photography gear, and super easy to just stop to take the shot!


Stopping to pick up dinner.


The box isn’t just for kids!

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