Unless you live under some obscure rock outside of the United States, you know that yesterday was Superbowl Sunday. Superbowl XLIX, the Patriots vs. the Seahawks. I’m still unsure how I feel about the win, but the action at the very 10968587_10206127436209960_1422477036454108624_nend was mind-blowing! I headed out to a super-fun get-together hosted by a friend of mine of about twenty years. I’m not sure how we came up with twenty years, because as I tell him… I was in kindergarten. Ha!! Yeah, right! I was slightly older than that and nothing was too important in that decade for me to remember exactly, so I can’t remember when we met! He says twenty years… I insist it was in kindergarten. Anyway, the get-together was a big mix of people from around LA, some familiar faces over that last twenty years, and a few new ones. I brought my friend Janna who is always a joy to hang with on our days off or on our child-free days. The host and I have always shared our passion for photography, we often chat about lenses, settings, lights, and other goofy things no one really gets, but I know he won’t mind if I whip out my big camera to take a few shots. Our brilliant friend Mary planned everything, the food and the cute games and decorations, so I couldn’t help but take a few pics. He has always hosted such great events, I can’t wait for the next one!


Big screens everywhere so you were sure not to miss a second of the action.


A “Count-the-Skittles-in-the-Football” game… but I know for a fact there were far fewer Skittles by the end of the 4th quarter!


Drink according to your allegiance… a Perfectly-Patriotic blue cocktail with red and blue berries for New England, and a neon blue 12th-Man-Margarita for Seattle


I LOVE Skittles shots!


These two are cooking up something tasty!

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I knew he wouldn’t miss the chance to get THE photo!!


“Not without me!!!!!” says Fred, running in!