… And ready to start the week and new month with my new dry erase boards!

I customized a couple for my specific needs. I have felt lately like I’m drowning in post-it notes or trying to remember too many things at once, I inevitably let something slip through the cracks. So here’s what I made…

A Client Work-Flow Board, large 12 x 18 inches, I do write small so this is large. Every step I take for each client or job, from initial contact, to archiving photos, down to sending a holiday gift. Now all I have to do is remember to check off each step!

A Weekly Planner, also 12 x 18. This one has specific places to write in shoots, ideas, things to do both at home and at the studio, even what’s for dinner!

A Monthly Planner, 12 x 18. I do absolutely everything digitally, my iphone, ipad and Mac, all synced. Yes somehow I wander around with a calendar print out! Why is that?! And I’m terrified of losing the things I scribble in somewhere! And then there’s those times when an assistant or someone else makes an appointment or schedules a shoot. So this is perfect! I plan to use it at some of our big events, like the Autism Speaks Walk! Perfect for filling in available dates!

Then I made 2 smaller boards for remembering to blog, Haha! I never get to that one, obviously. And another for my book project, #THISisAutism™: Life Through the Other Lens™, for arranging and rearranging all the lovely faces that will fill the pages. …Which you all will hear a lot more about! All of these awesome dry-erase boards are adorned with one of my favorite Charlie pics. How could I not?!

Happy Monday everyone and Happy Organizing!








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