I was in my therapist’s office today and actually can’t believe some things. On my drive there, I decided to not listen to my usual music, which I am getting sick of anyway, and decided to start my new book on audio, by Dr. Habib Sedeghi, Clarity. It’s right in alignment with everything I am reading and doing right now, my emotional shift, my Year of Living Positively. So I really appreciate the forward, even though it’s by Gwyneth Paltrow, a mention of chakras, healing the inside, getting to the root of illness, not just applying a western band-aid, by addressing the cause of issues, which may very well be, emotional. And Dr. Sadeghi points out that he believes, all emotions, if not felt, dealt with, and processed, root themselves at the cellular level, possible causing great illness if not only minor physical symptoms. This, I truly believe. I have feared that while eating salmon and kale all day and getting the right exercise, I just may just get sick from stress or maybe even depression!

So with this little introduction to my book, I go into my therapist. I tell her of my continued optimism for this year, growing strength, since I told her of my resolutions last week, and of the two dreams I could remember. They were actually monumental dreams, representing transformation and growth. I did a small little self-high-five and back-pat! My therapist continued in her usual manner… Continue Reading ->