So yesterday was the Pasadena Half Marathon, 13.1 miles running around picturesque Pasadena, California, ending in the amazing, (and champion-feeling) Rose Bowl stadium. This one was a tough one for me. On most days, I feel I can step outside and run 13.1 and enjoy myself. But I did a lot of races last year, and then a painful torn gastroc calf in October, a speedy recovery right into the Malibu Half Marathon November 5th. My time that day was a let down for me even though with all better reasoning, I knew I had just healed my calf in two quick weeks! Anyhow, I felt burnt out. I didn’t run too much at any great length since. But I actually did enjoy myself yesterday! My hip flexors started to hurt (and still do honestly), my left knee, my left ankle, my right toes felt jammed in my shoe, and did I mention it was 38 degrees when we started and didn’t warm up much?! That did not help my untrained and un-warmed muscles! And despite having the worst time on my personal record, I feel a bit re-engergized to start back at it again! I can get out there on any given Sunday and run 13.1 with a ton of fun! (Believe me, I am completely aware that this only leaves me eight short weeks to run 26.2 on any given Sunday! The LA Marathon!)

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